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71Xsuites is the culmination of decades of work by Bill Schultz on the master plan 195-acre Covered Bridge subdivision. Located in Oak Hill Austin, Covered Bridge offers homes, condos, and apartments, all currently served by pools and trails. At the entrance of HWY 71, Covered Bridge offers commercial uses. Bill’s planning has always maximized the beauty of the land, whether it be single-family houses with hilltop views or commercial buildings seen from bypassing residents and visitors.

All views, as well as natural sunlight, were determining design factors in building 71Xsuites.  The green space and trees all preserved to provide that Hill Country feel to each individual’s experience while sitting at their desk and working.  This accomplishment was a painstaking exercise for Bill years ago. Today’s finished project has resulted in large roof overhangs with balconies, an abundance of windows for spectacular views, and no hassle of direct sunlight.

This approach was second nature to Bill, as he has proven within the development of Covered Bridge itself and other noteworthy projects, including a waterfront residential subdivision. Whether viewing Lake Travis from a bedroom or viewing the nearby valley from an office at 71Xsuites, Bill focuses mostly on the users’ experience.

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Meet Bill Schultz

While Bill has developed nearly 300 properties across the Austin area, his journey began on Wall Street trading financial derivatives for years. Although Bill excelled in pure mathematical arbitrage, his love was for the art of arbitrage between different financial instruments. This required other skill sets and judgments, beyond pure math. This seamlessly segue into real estate where extra details in development are not always captured in the process. Bill’s understanding of details within the building itself, to the extensive studying of the sun, led to the creation of dynamic hill country views from 71Xsuites. Bill didn’t have a budget for these intangibles, but the cost is priceless.

In his personal life, Bill is an avid traveler having been to 38 countries and counting. He loves the adventures that come with it and has spent considerable time abroad and throughout North America. Bill likes to hike, swim, play basketball and soccer. His experiences are varied but he feels most comfortable in Austin where he enjoys the dynamic economy and sense of entrepreneurialism that is spearheading growth.

71Xsuites is now part of all that makes Austin so special.

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    71Xsuites offers premium executive suites in Southwest Austin with superior office amenities and technology that project an innovative leading edge company presence.

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